Pani Puri – £4.80
Crisp puffed puris filled with seasoned crushed potato, drizzled with chutney & yogurt. (V)(M)
Aloo Tikki – £4.95
Delicious potato cakes with fresh herbs and spices. (V)
Dahi Balle – £4.80
Soft dumplings dipped in yogurt and tangy tamarind chutney. (V)(M)
Smoked Aubergine Bhartha – £4.95
Fresh aubergine smoked in the tandoor
and mixed with spices. Served with puri.
Crispy Okra – £4.95
Fresh okra cooked in a tangy and
crispy batter. (V)
Pav Bhaji – £5.00
Mumbai’s famous roadside snack. A spicy and rich mixed vegetable puree served with warm bread. (V)(G)
Aloo Chana Chaat – £4.85
Potato & chickpeas served in hot sweet & sour sauce.
Spicy Fish Pakora– £5.50
Chunks of fresh fish mixed with various spices.
Squid– £5.50
Battered squid rings simply tossed in fiery hot masala.
Chana Puri – £4.85
Spiced chickpea served with fried
bread. (V)(G)
Bhel Puri – £5.00
A combination of puffed rice, chickpea vermicelli, crushed crisp puries, diced potato, chopped shallots, fresh coriander and chilli. (V)(G)
Ragda Pattice – £4.85
Vegetable burger in a bun. (V)(G)
Onion Bhaji – £4.30
Crunchy onion fritters. (V)
Aloo & Peas Samosa – £4.35
Spicy potato and pea stuffed in a puff
pastry triangle. (V)
Methi Aloo – £4.30
Tossed in fenugreek, tomato and
Bengali five spice. (V)
Dal Tarka – £5.00
Fresh Lentils cooked to our chef’s recipe. (V)
Spinach and Peas – £5.20
Spinach and peas with dry spices. (V)



Vegetable £4.95 | Chicken £5.95 | Lamb £6.95 | Seafood £7.95



Cooked in a smooth mild almond, coconut and fresh cream based sauce. Rich and tasty. Mild. (N)
Chicken tikka in a tomato, honey and cream based sauce. At least 20 ingredients go into this famous Indian dish. Mild.
Chicken Tikka Masala
Scotland’s most popular dish. Onion, tomato and cashew nut based gravy, with ginger, fenugreek and fresh cream. Medium
Gently cooked with fresh herbs, tomato and onion based sauce. Medium.
Fresh spinach infused with garlic, cumin, green chilli and a touch of cream. Medium.
Cooked in tomato, onion and green pepper based sauce. North India’s most popular dishes. Hot.
Rogan Josh
Cooked with fresh coriander, garlic in a tantalising tomato based gravy. Medium.
Cooked in a tangy and spicy gravy with juliennes of green & red pepper. Medium.
Chilli Garlic
Cooked with onion, tomato, fresh green chillies and garlic. Hot.
A spicy hot dish, made with potatoes and lots of red chilli. Not for the faint hearted. Hot.
Smoked Aubergine Bhartha
Fresh aubergine smoked in the tandoor and mixed with spices. Served with puri. (V)
Dal Tarka
Fresh Lentils cooked to our chef’s recipe. (V)
Coastal Curry
Cooked to a coastal recipe from Mumbai with cashew nut, peanut, coconut, curry leaves and mustard seeds. Medium. (N)




Chicken Tikka – £5.85
Breast pieces of chicken marinated in English mustard and yogurt. (GF) (D)


Reshmi Kebab – £5.85
Minced chicken infused with spices cooked on a skewer. (GF)
Salmon Tikka – £5.95
Marinated in honey, mustard, ground spices, lemon and crushed black pepper. (GF) (V)
Seekh Kebab – £5.85
Minced lamb with ginger, cheddar and freshly ground spices cooked on a skewer. (GF)


Lamb Tikka – £5.85
Fresh chunks of lamb marinated in ground spices and a hint of pineapple. (GF) (D)
Lamb Chops – £5.95
Scottish lamb chops marinated in ginger, garlic and honey (2 pieces). (GF) (D)



Thalis provide nutritionally complete and well balanced meals full of nutrition. Our chefs skillfully select the ingredients for the various dishes. The thalis include: Fresh Green Vegetable curry, Dals (lentils), Raita, Rice, Vegetables or Meats. Here is our selection of Thalis:

Vegetable £9.95 | Chicken £10.95 | Lamb £11.95 | Prawn £12.95


Kathi Rolls are Indias answer to wraps. These delicious wraps are made with a generous filling of your choice.

A spicy mixture of chicken/lamb or vegetables rolled in Indian flat-bread. Served with salad. (G)

Vegetable £4.95 | Chicken £5.95 | Lamb £6.95